Pre-K(4) and Kindergarten

The academic curriculum for Primer (or PreK-4)  and Kindergarten offers students a challenging but fun and active learning environment as they begin their Kirby Hall education. 




  • Phonics instruction begins in our PreK-4 program and continues into Kindergarten
  • PreK-4 students will start to read during the course of the year
  • Kindergarten students often end their year reading above grade level




  • Proper letter formation is taught alongside phonemic awareness as students begin to read
  • Written work continues to evolve and improve as they become more comfortable with their spelling skills  



  • Spelling begins in Kindergarten utilizing a memory-based marking system to teach students about syllabication and help them understand why words are spelled and pronounced as they are
  • We also begin to examine common spelling rules and their exceptions



  • The Saxon Math Program is introduced in Primer at the Kindergarten level
  • It is a spiral-based curriculum with basic concepts taught in an elementary fashion and then constantly reinforced as students continue to learn more advanced functions



  • We approach science in a very hands-on way at this age 
  • Students are encouraged to discover, experiment and ask as many questions as their curiosities can imagine while exploring a variety of topics including plants/plant growth, animals, the five senses, magnets and forces, weather, the earth and its environment



  • We follow the Core Knowledge Curriculum for history and geography focusing on our country’s and the world’s narratives through thought-provoking stories to engage our  young learners
  • Lessons introduced at this age may include the seven continents, the exploration and settlement of North America, and presidential history



  • Kirby Hall is committed to nurturing bilingual students, and we believe the earlier a child learns a language, the more readily the brain adapts
  • Basic vocabulary and conversational phrases are introduced in Primer and 

Kindergarten along with glimpses into Hispanic culture and traditions




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Physical Education


  • Kirby Hall highlights the positive aspects of being physically active by teaching students about a variety of traditional and non-traditional sports
  • Our goals include building gross and fine motor skills while playing sports, learning about safe behaviors and personal space, and above all else having fun on the field no matter what the outcome




  • We teach the beginning elements of theater and focus on creating and acting out characters who have similar emotions and are set in typical scenarios for  children at this age
  • Pantomime and improvisation are also introduced as ways for students to express themselves in class and on stage



  • Students begin to learn about music vocabulary and the ability to harmonize with melodies through singalongs
  • We explore many percussion instruments, including bongo drums, and how to create and maintain consistent tempos



  • Students are taught about the color wheel, terminology for various art techniques, and key figures in art history
  • They engage in the creative process through hands-on activities like drawing, painting, and assembling collages

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