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Academic Philosophy

Kirby Hall School believes students learn best when they feel appreciated and respected. Our academic philosophy centers on the belief that excellent teachers and curricula must guide each student and that classes must be small enough to allow teachers to be nimble and flexible so they can meet the needs of each child. It also creates intimate classrooms where the joy and love of learning are fostered.

Our Philosophy in Action

The Kirby Hall experience provides a strong foundation in the traditional course of study of science, math, English, history and Spanish, as well as art, physical education, drama and music.

Kirby Hall is an
all about
Classrooms averaging twelve students allow for a seminar-style format featuring a Socratic teaching method. Learning is not rote—it is active, engaged, and creative with an emphasis on critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation. When engaging students at this higher level, learning becomes fun for bright and academically-able students.

We also maximize our proximity to The University of Texas, whether it be a walking field trip to the Harry Ransom Center, the Blanton Museum of Art, or the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library. Our middle and upper school students conduct all their research at the university’s main library.

Kirby Hall is an education all about relationships. Our gifted faculty makes each student feel valued, encouraged, and loved. Small classes allow teachers to really know their students. They understand their strengths and weaknesses. They respect them as learners and individuals, so within our halls and classrooms there is a higher level of maturity and conversation. And while our faculty are dedicated and caring, they are also highly innovative. Their lessons are creative, their classrooms are energized, and, not surprisingly, their students are engaged. High expectations are a part of every school day at Kirby Hall, but inside this intimate, inspired learning environment, we also have a great deal of fun.

Kirby Hall is a
safe and comfortable place to learn,
where children can discover their gifts and
academic strengths.
Kirby Hall is a safe and comfortable place to learn, where children can discover their gifts and academic strengths. They bring and develop their own unique gifts, and each student’s individuality is appreciated and respected. Students are encouraged to speak up, ask questions, and step out of their comfort zone. They learn to be self-motivated, to think for themselves, and to take charge of their education. They find their independence. They find their confidence. And in a supportive and encouraging environment like no other, they find their best.

The high expectations that enhance our academics also inspire citizenship, accountability, and a high level of decorum in and out of the classroom. In a community where numerous world cultures are represented, our students learn to appreciate the differences in others. Here, we truly are a family. Our students are considerate. They are friendly. They are well mannered. Grounded in values and a strong sense of self, our graduates are prepared to succeed in the world and equipped to make it a better place for others.

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