upper school student prepping for collegeKirby Hall’s Upper School may be small, but it yields grand results. We are an academic powerhouse. Our graduates have been accepted into top notch colleges and universities across the country, including University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, Middlebury, Pomona, Harvey Mudd, University of Texas at Austin McComb School of Business, University of Texas at Austin Liberal Arts Honors College, Rice, Vassar, Carnegie Mellon, New York University and others.

We love getting Kirby Hall students.
– Dean of a Liberal Arts Honors College

There are few applicants coming to
us as well prepared as Kirby Hall students.
– Associate Dean of Admission of a Leading University

Our philosophy is to help students understand that high school is the means to the end of getting into the best college possible. During their four years of upper school, we help students make sure they are creating as many options as possible. The summer prior to their senior year, we want them to be able to say, “I did everything I could to open as many doors for myself as possible, so now the fun of finding the right door begins.”

Our small size
means that the letters
of recommendation from
both the faculty and
college counselor are
very personalized
The process begins in middle school as our students can take course work for high school credit. This provides them with more opportunities for AP-level courses in their 11th and 12th grade years. At Kirby Hall, it is natural for students to perceive themselves as scholars who are committed to excellence. They know “these grades matter.” Yet, peers are encouraging and supportive rather than overly competitive.

At the beginning of their freshman year, each student is given a four-year-plan. Our small size allows us to work closely and independently with each student as we track and review course work, extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, awards and honors, formulate goals for college and monitor whether the student is on track to achieve those goals. We administer and review the results of the PSAT 7/8, 9/10 and the PSAT/NMSQT with each student and family to ensure he or she is tracking towards the desired test score.

We assist students with selecting colleges, including reach, safety, and target schools. We also provide support with the application process itself. Our small size means that the letters of recommendation from both the faculty and college counselor are very personalized.

While the college application process is inherently stressful, we are here to lessen that stress by providing personalized support and guidance. We are truly vested in your child’s future success.