Megan Dietz

Kirby Hall Class of 2010

University of Colorado Boulder
Joint Masters Program Veterinary Medicine and Public Health

“Kirby Hall is a very good fit for students who are highly motivated and have unique interests that benefit from a flexible learning environment and schedule. One of the biggest perks of Kirby Hall is the effort to let students really take control of their own learning through such things as course work at the University of Texas. The small class setting lets students pursue their own interests, contrary to the standard public school curriculum. The high amount of research and writing prepared me well for college. Kirby Hall gives students the freedom to grow into themselves as true individuals, be it from events like school trips abroad, the ability to eat lunch off-campus, a student lounge, personal relationships with instructors, and close friendships. I also value having had to learn to be social with every type of person since the school’s size is small. These things had a significant effect on my personal development.”


“Everything about my Kirby Hall education was perfectly tailored to allow me to achieve success in college and beyond. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to education, the teachers I had always sought to develop my own unique qualities and abilities, fostering an innate appreciation of learning that has followed me through my university education and into the professional world.”


BA, double major in History of Mathematics & Science and Philosophy

“Looking back at my time at Kirby Hall, what I see most clearly is that my family and I never had to expend any worry or energy on anything but being a student. I was easily able to find schedules that worked and pursue flexible and advanced studies with my teachers as necessary, and I could always trust that I was with peers, teachers, and instructors that knew and genuinely cared about me. Those aspects of my experience–which aren’t always particularly easy to quantify and compare–gave me the stability to engage fully in my interests and grow into a young adult who expected from and gave others sincere respect. Outside of an over-reliance on educational trends, a competitive atmosphere, and an impersonal relationship between school to student, I found in Kirby Hall an education that prepared me to be a flexible, powerful, and personable learner, colleague, and leader.

I would also highlight Kirby Hall’s ability to support students through personal struggles. Looking back at the challenges I faced in adolescence, I can so easily imagine becoming isolated in a larger institution and finding myself on my own against some difficult circumstances. As it was, I had the flexibility to take care of myself (and be taken care of) without sacrificing academic rigor or my connections with supportive peers. I doubt I looked like a 4.0 student at a challenging small liberal arts college during some parts of my time in high school; I credit Kirby Hall with supporting my growth through those challenging experiences so that I could flourish both there and later.”