“Academic rigor and high expectations are the norm.
– AdvancED Summary of Findings


Kirby Hall is accredited by the AdvancED

In early 2017, AdvancED (now Cognia) renewed Kirby Hall’s official accreditation, commending the school and its faculty for their commitment to excellence in teaching, the supportive and intellectual environment they create for students, and the school’s overall commitment to education.

“Kirby Hall School provides an encouraging environment that engages students in their own education.”

“Students are seen as individuals with unique gifts and abilities, and the school desires to help them explore and grow.”

“There is a relentless belief that collectively the leadership and teachers can positively impact the lives of students, stretch their imaginations, and help children love to learn.”

“The school is extremely inclusive, celebrates diversity, promotes equality, and builds the capacity for student achievement by committing to a common purpose that reflects pride, respect, and successes.”

AdvancEd “was impressed with the nurturing and caring atmosphere that was displayed by the staff for their students.”

“Student performance scores are reflective of…their teachers” certainty “that they can achieve at a high degree.”

“…the school is based on a belief that children achieve and grow in a more holistic way when they are happy and motivated.”
– AdvancED Summary of Findings

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