Results at a Glance

Standardized Testing Top 10% – The average performance of Kirby Hall students
Historic SAT Median Scores 720 Reading
700 Math
Regional and State Academic Competitions 38 – The number of times Kirby Hall has placed first at regional and state academic competitions in the past decade.
Purple Cow Math Competition in 2015 13th in the world, 6th in the nation, 3rd in the state.
Total Enrolled 73
Avg. Class Size 7
Avg. Years of Tenure 7
Full and Part-Time 17
Advanced Degrees 41%
Founded 1976
Colors Red & White
Mascot Penguin
Distinctions High-Level Academics, Academically-Able Students, Warm Family Environment, Character Development, No Religious Affliation

math symbolsCongratulations to the Kirby Hall middle school math club for placing 13th in the world, 6th in Texas and 3rd in Texas at the 2015 Purple Comet Math Meet. The team consisting of Benjamin Burton, Joseph Carruth, Nir Elb, Alexander Burton, Vaughan McInerney, and Sam Shvets competed in the small middle school division (which includes all middle schools with at most 400 students) of the contest.

Purple Comet Math Meet is an annual online mathematics competition where teams of six students to work together to submit a single set of answers to 20 problems within a one-hour time limit. While all problems are designed to be solvable without the aid of calculation devices, participants are allowed to use calculators and even to write computer programs to solve or better understand any problem. Using their excellent problem-solving skills, much resourcefulness, and great teamwork, the Kirby Hall team correctly answered 17 out of the 20 problems posed.

Gaurav Mitra and Lizzy Perrine served as alternates to the official team and played an important supporting role in team practice sessions. Aside from honing problem-solving skills as individuals, the team also had to learn how to work together efficiently, making sure that throughout the allotted sixty minutes everyone was either working an unworked problem or checking a problem which someone else had worked. In addition, whenever two students found different answers to the same problem, they had to sit together and discuss their work until they agreed on whose answer was correct.

All of the hours spent practicing produced dividends during the official contest, as the team did a great job dividing up the work, figuring out which problems were worth investing the time to analyze by writing a computer program, and even judging accurately that one of the problems was too hard, so that time originally budgeted to that problem would be better spent on checking previous work. This last decision paid off when the team was able to correct one wrong answer with very little time left.

Middle school students from around the world participate each year, with this year’s top scoring teams coming from the U.S., Greece, Bulgaria, Iran, Turkey, China, the Czech Republic, Nigeria, and Romania. A typical example of a moderately difficult problem is this year’s problem number 14, which reads “Find the number of positive integers n such that a regular polygon with n sides has internal angles with measures equal to an integer number of degrees.” This year’s and previous years’ problem sets can all be found at:

Kirby Hall Places First, Dominating State Academic Competition

Kirby Hall School did it again. The elementary and middle schools both took first place in a state-wide academic competition, dominating the 102 other schools. The middle school garnered 246 points, with the second place finisher having 92 points. Kirby’s elementary school earned 146 points, with the second place school collecting 96 points.

Kirby Hall has participated in the Private School Interscholastic Association (PSIA) competition for over ten years with a history of decisive wins. In the past decade, the elementary school placed first 8 times and the middle school seven.

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