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A Place to Belong.

An Education Beyond.

Private Pre-K4 through 12th Grade School in Austin, TX

Igniting Bright Minds and Kind Hearts.

Our program is accelerated, highly personalized, and very challenging. The result of this one-of-a-kind education is exceptional, confident students who perform in the top 10% of the nation on their college entrance exams.

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Academic Programs

Primer and Kindergarten

Our Primer program for four-year-olds and our Kindergarten program prepare young minds with the foundation of success. Our students learn important core curriculum from an early age – including mathematics, English, Spanish, art, and science. Our Primer and Kindergarten education programs are designed to awaken intellectual wonder and curiosity from all of our students.


Lower School

Our Elementary School program focuses on developing higher-order thinking skills through engaging our students with rich curriculum. Rather than teaching test preparation material, we supplement our curriculum with hands-on projects and real-world examples.When examination time comes, we find the tests take care of themselves. Our approach builds a competitive spirit that will allow our students to succeed in a global society.


Middle School

Our Middle School classes offer students a place to express their individuality and define themselves to the social world around them. Middle School curriculum encourages higher-order thinking to explore harder to grasp concepts. We explore complex science and mathematics concepts, explore social issues, and thesis writing with an emphasis on preparing students for more challenging work in the future.


Upper School

Our Upper School program is highly selective and tailored to cultivate each student’s individual success. We maximize student potential both as scholars and individuals through one-on-one classes and custom curriculum. Our upper school students place in the top ten percent of the nation for the SAT and are accepted to highly prestigious and selective universities.



We are proud of the amazing students, teachers, parents and mentors that make up Kirby Hall School, and are incredibly humbled by the success of our program. Kirby Hall is where children can reach their full potential.

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Our Values


There may be nothing more indicative of future success than an authentic care for others. At Kirby Hall, we teach our students to be kind and empathetic by example. Our philosophy of kindness encompasses all school activities.


We encourage our students to stay humble by listening with curiosity and admitting their mistakes. A culture of humility fosters classrooms where everyone feels safe contributing and asking questions.


A respectful school environment is fundamental to the success of our students. In valuing diversity, we believe in the importance of celebrating individuality and acting with integrity towards others.


A superior academic performance over the last decade.


Student to Teacher Ratio

Top 10%

Performance on College Entrance Exams in the Nation


Graduating Students Recognized as National Merit Scholars


Average Class Size


Times Placed First at Regional and State Academic Competitions


Kirby Hall was Founded by Dr. and Mrs. Rase


What is Social and Emotional Learning and why is it important right now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging on several fronts for so many families. Even as we have successfully returned to school at Kirby Hall, nothing is exactly the same as before.  Furthermore, racial injustices recently witnessed throughout the country, as well as the ongoing heated political climate, have likely been sources of stress for families…


Kirby Hall School Supports Diversity

Like many throughout the nation, Kirby Hall School is saddened by recent events afflicted on the Black community, as well as, the ongoing racial inequity in American society.  At Kirby Hall, we believe it is our responsibility to be part of the solution to end racism and racial inequality. In light of recent events, Kirby…


How to Maximize Your Child’s Distance Learning

  Learning this month looks a little bit different than it did last month. Not only for Kirby Hall School, but for schools all around the city, United States, and world. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, families are sheltered in place at home while students are learning how to navigate new ways to, well,…


Our Campus

Located at 306 W 29th St, Austin, TX 78705

Since its founding in 1976, Kirby Hall’s success comes from the labor of many hands and the wisdom of many heads. In 1970 through their active involvement in their public school parent association, Dr. and Mrs. Howard F. Rase perceived a need for a school catering to academically advanced students and allowing faculty the freedom to elevate their instruction. Dr. and Mrs. Rase envisioned a school focused on bright and intellectually curious students.

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