Pre-K4 and Kindergarten


Our Pre-K4 and Kindergarten students are introduced to phonics work, letter formations and writing through small group learning and one-on-one interactions with their teachers. Our students start their reading journey in Kindergarten, but are able to begin in the Pre-K4 program if they are ready for that next step. Starting in Pre-K4 they have classes several times a week in art, drama/music, P.E., and Spanish in addition to daily practice in their phonics/reading, writing, and math/science skills. We also begin Second Step for our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in these classes to help students express themselves using their words, how to work together in the classroom, and to grow into independent individuals in a safe and warm environment.


Curriculum Highlights:

  • Pre-K4: Fountas and Pinnel for Phonics
  • Kindergarten: From Phonics to Reading
  • Kindergarten begins using the Teachers’ College Writing Workshop (Columbia University)
  • Saxon Math, taught one grade level ahead

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