Middle School


Middle school years can be challenging for students as they face intellectual, emotional and physical shifts during this time. At Kirby Hall, we provide a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn while developing and growing in so many other aspects of life. Our middle school students continue to engage in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to provide them the support and tools they need to navigate through these adolescent school years. We also make sure their schedules still contain classes in the Fine Arts (art and drama/music) and P.E. Middle school students have the opportunity to start participating in various electives such as Culinary in Spanish, Filmmaking, Robotics, and Programming. KHS believes that it’s important to be a part of the community and builds in Community Service for our middle school students so they can grow into community leaders and see their impact of helping others. Their End of the Year Field Trip usually will take them out of the country, such as Costa Rica to practice their use of the Spanish language and learn about the culture.

In Middle School, we will work closely with your student to provide guidance on selecting the best option for high school whether it be continuing in another private school setting or selective public or charter school environment. 


Curriculum Highlights:

  • English, Teachers’ College Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Saxon Math, taught one grade ahead
  • Science, Core Knowledge curriculum
  • Social Studies and History,
    • Sixth grade, World Cultures
    • Seventh grade, Texas History
    • Eighth grade, U.S. History  
  • Spanish, Total Physical Response (TPR) method teaching and continued use of Descubre, 1-2
    • Increasing emphasis on IB (International Baccalaureate) methodology to promote critical thinking skills as well as fluency
  • Regular MakerSpace time to explore creating, building, and STEM activities  
  • SEL, Middle School participates in the Second Step Program for Social Emotional Learning, and the Rights, Respect, Responsibility Sexuality Education curriculum 
  • Participate in NJHS, Student Council, community service and other activities to prepare for entrance to high school

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