Switching from public to private school

Advice For Switching From Public To Private School

Deciding that your child should make the switch to a private school is a big decision. The academic and social adjustments can affect not just your child, but your whole family. However, if you’ve weighed the options and decided that switching from public to private school is the best course of action, take comfort in knowing that private schools make it a point to help families ease into the transition.

Kirby hall school pre k-4 classroom

Importance of Preschool

Preschool is an important part of early development for a child because it helps set a child up with the proper skills and structure to succeed throughout their education. Kirby Hall’s primer program provides an extra scaffold between the crucial Pre-K years and the kindergarten years.

The Importance of Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

The relationship between teachers and students can have a lasting impact on the development of a child. Teachers who have strong bonds with their students have been shown to be more effective in their teaching roles. In addition to lower levels of behavioral problems, teachers with strong classroom bonds are also able to achieve higher levels of academic success among students.

Small Class Size Advantages

Average class size is an important metric used to compare how intimate of an education experience a school offers. The smaller the class size, the more opportunities a student will have to receive one-on-one teaching, chances to participate, and the resources for success.